About Us

Evelyn and Kenneth opened the company in 2007 starting with just one ARF facility in Redding. After a year they decided to open another home after they saw a need that still wasn't being met. They slowly over 10 years has opened 6 ARF in Redding and 2 in Stockton. All of these homes are home-like settings with one client per room. New Vision Services Inc. is big on community integration and helping the clients be as independent as possible. We take them on many outings like the movies, the fair, basketball games, and shopping at the mall, Walmart, and target. The goal is to teach the clients to one day live on their own or to live as independently as possible.

After opening ARF facilities Evelyn and Kenneth's love of caring for others had grown and they decided to venture into other types of care. they saw a need for out-of-home respite care for children with developmental disabilities. They opened a children's respite home in the Cottonwood area in 2017. This home gives parents the opportunity to have their children stay out of their home while they go on vacations their children may not be able to go along with or while their children are on breaks from school and the parents have to attend work. The home is set up as a vacation home for the children with lots of activities and a huge yard for them to run, play, and just be children in.

Evelyn and Kenneth had heard of an RCFE facility that was looking to sell and decided this could be another avenue of caring for people and looked into it. After some consideration, Evelyn and Kenneth decided to purchase Amber Oaks and with some renovations has now opened New Vision Senior Living. The facility is a home-like setting, which is a constant throughout the company, with some private and shared rooms to make a 22-bed facility with plans for expansion.

Through all of this, it has become that New Vision Services Inc. is a company that cares for all generations!